Change the Plan, Not the Goal

UrbanPromise Honduras has strategic goals for each program, and today I want to write about the youth program. Its vision is to provide an integral program where youth from underresourced communities of Copán can grow socially, spiritually, academically, and physically; and where they are equipped to become positive and responsible leaders with integrity. Within this vision are found the program’s strategic goals, and the directors are responsible for developing different activities for our youth based on these goals.

A lot of times the plans we have for our youth don’t work out. There are youth who have been responsible with their work in camp but don’t have a good attitude in school, make bad grades, and even skip classes. Even though we at UPH have taken time to provide youth with tutoring, there are often youth who decide to step away from UPH. We accept the decision with grace and mercy, having hope that someday they will come back.

We have already seen the fruits of these decisions. The youth who a few years ago saw our goals as something difficult, now share their testimony that our ministry is a gift in their lives. They have become youth who go to church, are responsible in school, and stand out in their jobs.

I can be sure of the truth of this well-known phrase: “If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but don’t change the goal.” We have changed the plans for our youth so that they can reconnect with the goals of the youth program.


Londin Velásquez - Supervisor of Children and Youth Programs