Discipline Transforms Lives

When we visit camp we are always blessed to witness heart-warming testimonies that show the real Christ manifested.

In a recent visit to Camp Agape I saw the children being very attentive to their leaders and how God’s love is shown and felt everywhere. When you arrive at camp you receive many hugs and words of love from the kids and it is incredible to see that this is now the atmosphere and culture of the children.

Now I want to consider one of these kids, Angel. He is a child who has been coming to our after-school programs and vacation camps for years. He has been quite difficult for our leaders as he is very hyperactive, energetic and even undisciplined—being sent home from camp on various occasions.

However, recently he has been growing in these areas and now he views discipline in a different way. One time the camp director asked the kids at the end of the day, “Why are you thankful to God?” Angel raised his hand and responded, “I am thankful to God because I am a different person, because in camp the leaders give us warnings, time outs and even send us home; this helps us be well-behaved, and this discipline will help us to be adults who do not rob and who do not use drugs. This is why I am thankful to God. Thanks to the discipline that they use with me in camp I will be a great person.”

In Proverbs 15:32 we are told, “Whoever ignores instruction despises himself, but he who listens to reproof gains intelligence.”

May we all have Angel’s perspective when corrected.


Londin Velásquez - Supervisor of Children and Youth Programs