Faith That Moves Mountains

During my time in UPH I have had lots of unique experiences. A little while ago we had our final youth retreat of 2017, where the group of youth who work in camps participated.

One of our main objectives was to do a service activity, since in our culture volunteering is not something that is done often, and service is something we want our youth to learn. That’s why we planned a visit to the Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital in the city of San Pedro Sula, and specifically to the area where children with cancer stay. Just hearing the words “children with…” such a terrible illness moved my heart. I always imagine children happy, playing, running around with lots of energy, not in a hospital bed without the health or energy to do anything.

Unfortunately, that’s what we found in that hospital room: children of all ages, little ones (two years old), bigger ones, and adolescents, all suffering. My voice trembled as I spoke with the mothers sitting beside their children regardless of how many days they had been there. It was hard seeing them going through such a difficult situation with their little ones beside them lying in a bed and connected to IV’s or other medications. Some of these children are even in isolation rooms because of their sensitive state of health and because their defenses are so low.

And that’s where we had to put our faith in practice and pray to God with our whole hearts with each mother for the health of these children who did nothing to cause or deserve this illness, aware that only faith can move these mountains. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how poor you are; only God can give health, strength, and a way out for those children and their families.  

The youth then gave out cards, bracelets, and balloon animals they had made for the children, and those little details stole at least a little smile from the faces of those kids.

In moments like this, we recognize the importance of the health that we and our families have. In that moment I felt in my heart so thankful for all that my family and I have, and I’m not only talking about material things, but also the blessing of health.

At the same time, I ask myself, “What am I doing?” There are so many needy people in hospitals and we are apathetic a lot of times to that need because we don’t have a hospital close by or because we are busy at work, or for many other reasons we could think of. However, in Matthew 25:33-43 God exhorts us to visit the sick and the prisoners, to help the ones who don’t have what they need, and give without expecting anything in return. That is God’s heart. “Don’t grow tired of doing good” (Hebrew 13:16). 

This motivates me to give even more—it doesn’t matter how much—to give spiritual support, asking for strength and health for those who don’t have any. And I know that God is faithful and just to meet our needs.


Carmen Aquino - Youth Program Director