God's Plan

There are many moments in which we believe that we are worthless and that instead of being a help, we are a hindrance. This is what the enemy makes us believe but God has great things for each of us. When I lost my parents and was left with many responsibilities in life the enemy made me think that I’d never amount to anything, even to the point of not wanting to continue living. My life was full of resentment, hate, loneliness, but during that period God spoke into my life through a neighbor that invited me to her church and there I found God. He made me see my true worth and that I had really good abilities and qualities. Nevertheless my faith was weak. When I thought about my parents my faith grew weaker still. However, God kept putting people in my path that made me see differently and many of these people were part of UPH. This organization has blessed my life because it has taught me many values, many of which I knew but never put into practice.

Working with children has become something that I love. I never knew that I had the patience necessary to listen to them, support them and have fun with them, nor the confidence to work with young people.

In November 2015 I graduated high school, thanks be to God, and He has given me the strength and job opportunities to be able to support my family and studies. Furthermore, God has given me the opportunity to get involved in a church where I can meet other Christians and help where possible.

Who would’ve thought that I would be an example for other people, especially young people, after the many trials I went through. However, today I see that I have overcome: I love God above all, I love my family, I love my fiancé, and I love UPH.

We need to always have faith in God and let the bad go so that God can lead us on to what’s better and more amazing.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” [Philippians 4:13]


Lucinda Ardon - Assistant Director of Camp Hope After School Program (& Director of Camp Hope January Vacation Camp 2017)