Inspired in order to Inspire

At UrbanPromise Honduras, the work with the children and youth is something permanent. Life flashes by amidst vacation camps, AfterSchool Programs, fun trainings on diverse topics, Youth Nights, Talent shows, visits to families’ homes, schools and community organizations, mentoring, team times, outdoor adventures, sporting events and service projects; all of which require advanced days of planning and constant preparation to build up and empower young leaders and to impact the community of Copán Ruinas, as they, together, build the Kingdom of God.

But, what makes each moment special and what allows the fulfilling of God’s purpose in the children and youth in UPH?

For me it is summed up in the word, ‘INSPIRATION’. I am reminded of one of the camp chants taken from God’s Word. In this, I can see where the strength comes from for those that stand with these children and youth ever day.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”
[Joshua 1:9]

How do we become inspiring or inspired?

To inspire does not only refer to the action or effect of motivating, but can also mean ‘illuminating one’s spirit’.

This reminds me of the effort, discipline, and constancy displayed by the staff in their work with the boys, girls and young people. I watch with admiration how their strength is renewed in the Lord’s presence every day and how their gifts and talents are moulded by God for His will.

In this blog I want to keep our attention on the those individuals that stand behind all the children and youth in UrbanPromise Honduras, those that are inspired by Jesus to serve.

The staff team is comprised of brave and persevering individuals.

Some of them study and work at the same time, striving to finish their professional training. Their testimony has been ‘inspirational’ for me and so many youth because, despite the weariness that accompanies these daily tasks, they put their talents into each activity with so much joy, enthusiasm, creativity and excellence. They continually research and inform themselves on topics of interest to the kids and youth in order to offer quality at every turn. They are truly radiant in every single thing they do!

Some are also hard-working parents whose lives show how they have overcome so many social, economic and family difficulties. Furthermore, they are recognized as leaders within their community thanks to their development work in the spheres of politics, social work, church and education. In this sense, they have impacted many lives in Copán Ruinas and are role models to follow.

It’s easy to find them every day being friendly and generous, getting their materials prepared with energy, creativity, responsibility and dedication despite any difficult situations they may be going through. They do not give up, they do not get discouraged, they are brave and always offer all of their affection to those they support. They seek God, they attend local churches and actively participate in them. They have faith that the lives of their children and youth can change. They believe that these children and youth are the answer when one wonders what’s next for Copán Ruinas in the years to come. Their work goes beyond a daily routine or to-do lists or fulfilling criteria for a ‘job’. They really believe that this is ministry. They continually encourage the youth and if necessary they also call them out on things. They believe in what discipleship entails in the moments when the youth do not do what is correct, when obstacles present themselves, or simply when a young person wants to talk.

Perhaps because of all this, the youth, after each activity, say they want to continue being a part of the UPH family given that they find something much deeper than a mere team focused on a goal: the staff are actually part of the young people’s lives. Perhaps because of this the young people truly know what it means to be a leader, as the staff’s example inspires them.

And the staff are able to inspire due to their perpetual communion with Jesus.


Gina Alejandra Albornoz Garzón - UPH Intern January - March 2017