Love that Changes Us

God has allowed me to see, experience and learn a lot about unconditional love in Camp Agape, and He has done this through many different people, one of whom is a girl in second grade named Mariela.

Mariela is a child that comes from a broken home and I remember her first days at camp well. She wouldn’t play or talk with any other kids or the leaders. However, we knew that she was not truly like that, and rather was a young girl with lots of charisma, so, knowing her difficult home situation, we decided to be more intentional with her in how we spoke and played with her to offer our trust. Today, she is a very loving and friendly girl in camp. She is now the one who always says goodbye to me with phrases that give me goosebumps, for example, “goodbye, my beautiful princess.”

From this I can learn and remember that it is God who always takes special care to give us the love we need from other people. And the most amazing thing that I have seen is how He is working in UPH through the leaders and staff to help us reflect His unconditional love to those that need it.


Claudia Esquivel - Camp Agape Assistant Director