My Greatest Inspiration

1 Timothy 4:12, “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.”

Inspiration is necessary every day of our lives and more so when we have others at our side to work with, support and advise. My team at Camp Hope is my greatest inspiration because every day I can learn something new from them.

Carmen: For her ever-present smile, her joy and optimism to do things well. She has worked in Camp Hope for two years now and each day you learn something new about her, her responsibility and desire to overcome.

Kency: She is one of the longest standing youth at UPH. It is incredible to see her love for the children in her community and her desire to support in all things, volunteering most days. When I met her she was a shy girl but throughout the years she has demonstrated great passion for UPH and what we do, and highly values Camp Hope.

Héctor René: It is incredible to see him grow in leadership; from being a clever child in camp who got the best grades in school, he is now an excellent Discovery class teacher, knowing how to empower his assistant, Maritza.

Maritza: She is a young person that only entered UPH this year but alongside her teacher, Héctor, has made Discovery class impactful and exciting for the kids. We could say that they are the perfect pairing in class for their unity, teamwork, responsibility and the mystery they add to camp by asking the team riddles!

Xiomara and Fernanda: They are two of our youngest leaders who have gone through the whole process to become a leader. From being kids in camp since first grade, to Leaders-in-Training who, for their responsibility and dedication, ascended to leaders. It is incredible to see them teach classes now and their passion for camp and for supporting the kids in their difficult homework is admirable.

Yelsi: She is a leader who makes a great effort to make it to camp as she lives far away. She has shown a great desire to learn and grow in leadership, and has persevered through discipline and demonstrates that there is nothing impossible if we want it badly enough.

Alba: She is a humble and sincere girl who loves to give love to the kids and receive it from them, and she offers constructive criticism to help camp improve.

Alex, Franklin, Hernán and Eduardo: Our beloved and admirable Leaders-in-Training who, though they make mistakes and find it difficult to control themselves at times, show desire to grow and change to be of help to the other leaders, children and us as directors.

This is my great, wonderful and excellent team of young people who help keep Camp Hope going day to day and who teach me never to quit; who inspire me greatly because each one brings something unique to camp allowing it to go forward, who overcome every obstacle and challenge, guiding, orienting and offering love to our children.

These youth, alongside our children, are my MUSE at camp and challenge me to be more and more prepared every day and always pray for wisdom from God.


Tania Guerra - Director of Camp Hope, After School program