A Passion to Serve

Serving is a privilege that lots of people have, and we thank God for it. I can observe this in Camp Hope with the youth leaders who work there. To be more specific, there was a time when UPH was going through economic problems, and although the youth usually get paid every two weeks, more than a month had passed and they still hadn’t gotten paid. Even so, they didn’t seem discouraged or angry, but understood the situation and came to camp each day with an unforgettable smile.

They are an inspiration for me because if they serve they do it with love, grace, and lots of enthusiasm. They can brush off anything and take ownership of camp, taking care of everything there as if it were their own. These leaders are so young, but they take on their responsibilities as if they were older. That’s what I love most about UPH: that opportunity to gain experience and grow in areas of our lives that will contribute to a better future.

So when we serve we should do it with passion, not out of obligation, because when Jesus came to the earth he was humble and a servant, like His word says, because the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve. He is a living example, and we ought to follow Him.


Lucinda Ardón - Assistant Director of Camp Hope, AfterSchool Program