The Perfect Piece

Something really important that I remember my parents teaching me from a young age was to ask God to be able to receive and demonstrate His love in my life. This is what came to my mind when, before we began Vacation Camp, we were asked to create a camp vision. Alongside my Assistant Director we created a vision for Camp Agape which was: “To create and paint a culture of unconditional love in which the youth and children can express and demonstrate the characteristics of Jesus in their life.” We also came up with steps to fulfil this vision.

Nevertheless, sometimes when we set ourselves a task and we see that we are not fulfilling it, as humans, we tend to get stressed or worried but I also learnt that God always works in His timing and His way. And I was able to see this in Camp Agape Vacation Camp 2017. We, as Directors, wanted to achieve each step to see our vision fulfilled but God was working in a different way.

It is here that it is worth mentioning the ‘perfect piece’ that exceeded our expectations. Every year, Camp Agape has the honor and privilege of having a boy with Hydrocephalus named Hever Guerra. It was beautiful to be able to see God work through him in camp.

Hever, due to his needs, every day had a leader assigned to him, who would walk with him to each class and activity, explaining everything as it happened. This responsibility soon became a privilege as in each ending meeting when the leaders shared their highlights we always heard from the leaders how, thanks to Hever, God was moved and how they were learning to appreciate what they had. Each leader yearned for the day in which it would be their turn to care for Hever. We not only saw Hever’s impact in the youth but also in the kids, who, for example, fought with each other to be able to guide Hever to their classroom.

It was amazing to see Camp Agape’s vision fulfilled but it was even more amazing to see how God worked so differently through Hever, allowing us to see His power and love in our midst.

“No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.” 1 John 4:12


Claudia Esquivel - Assistant Director of Camp Agape After School Program [& Director of Camp Agape Vacation Camp 2017]