The Value of a Smile

A lot of times we go through life worried without resting, thinking about all the responsibilities we have; but if we stop and reflect on how much God has loved us and has had mercy on us, we can give him a smile to thank him for his love and kindness.

In the same way, we can give a smile to the people we run into along the way. Even if we don’t get one back, we have the satisfaction of creating one. A sincere smile is the best gift anyone can ever get. Even though we don’t know the situations that each person is going through, when we smile we are showing God’s love and demonstrating that that person is very important and special. Even if we feel like the world is crashing down around us, that smile shows us there is hope.

I can see it in the kids in camp because sometimes we arrive tired and stressed, and the first thing they do is run up to hug us and give us a sincere smile, and that is priceless. That is the moment when we think, “I’m here because God has a purpose for me and I am useful to serve these wonderful kids who need it so much.”

A smile is more valuable than a fine jewel, more valuable than the latest-model car, more valuable than a money-making machine. It’s like a kind of energy that flows through every part of our body and creates a beautiful and inexplicable reaction.

That’s why we must not stop smiling. Scientists say that laughter is the best medicine to keep us young and strong.


Lucinda Ardon - Camp Hope Assistant Director