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Kourtney De La Cruz

Kourtney lives in her native New Jersey with her husband and their daughter. Kourtney and Fausto joyfully worked for UrbanPromise Honduras before moving back to the US and Kourtney now continues with UrbanPromise in Camden, an affiliate site of UrbanPromise Honduras.  Whether in Camden or Copán Ruinas, Kourtney is sold on the UrbanPromise model.  The work of raising up local leaders and empowering young people to live in their callings, overcome obstacles and transform their communities through the power of the cross is the fuel of Kourtney's passion.  Kourtney also loves cramming lots of people into her tiny kitchen to feed them yummy food, getting outside whenever she can, and talking about UrbanPromise Honduras to anyone who will lend an ear!

Rachel Ramos

Rachel lives in Copan Ruinas, Honduras with her husband, Jorge, and daughter, Arianna Sahlem. She is one of the original founders of UPH, which is what first brought her to Honduras in 2009.  During her time working with UPH, Rachel created and directed the youth program.  Teenagers have always held a special place in Rachel’s heart, which is why the youth aspect of UPH continues to be her favorite piece of the UPH ministry.  Calling out the truth and power within people is Rachel’s passion, as she believes that is what it means to live as Christ.  For this reason among others, Rachel is honored to continue serving UPH as a member of the board of directors.



Katie Sugg

Katie Sugg formerly worked at UPH as the director of Camp Hope, until 2014 when she moved back to Boston, her hometown. Her bottomless love for the children and youth of Copán has led her to work as a board member with UPH. She sees UPH as a nurturing and empowering place for young people to be in community, and she believes strongly in the work God is doing in Copán through this ministry. Since moving back to Boston, Katie has been working as an ESL teacher in a part of Boston where most of her students are Central American, so she still eats a lot of good Honduran food! For half the year, she also spends her free time shoveling snow from her driveway while dreaming about the green hills of Copán.


Cole Robinson

Cole lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife Meg and their son Billy.  Cole works as a a real estate attorney for the law firm Gray Reed & McGraw. Cole's wife Meg is the younger sister of UPH founder Blair Quinius.  Given that, Cole and his family have a personal connection to UPH.  Cole has seen UPH's incredible work first hand in Copan and truly believes in its mission of investing in, inspiring and developing youth to help them become Christ-centered leaders of their community.  In his free time, Cole loves to be with his family, play golf, watch Baylor sports and read.



Steve Chisholm

Steve Chisholm is the assistant pastor at St Luke’s Church on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Steve has brought Service Learning Teams from the high school youth group at his church for the last four years to work with UPH.  He continues to be inspired by the ministry and leadership of Urban Promise as he has seen first hand the difference they are making to the community in Copan and with his high school kids from Hilton Head.  His role on the board in addition to helping to raise funds and awareness of the ministry is to use his pastoral gifts to help with staff on the ground in Copan and connect other churches with UPH.  Steve and his wife Veronica have two daughters, Ayla and Zelia. In his free time Steve enjoys traveling and being in the outdoors and surfing when there are waves!

Elizabeth Busch

Elizabeth lives in the Washington DC metro area with her husband Tim and daughter, Lucinda, who is named after a UPH youth leader. Elizabeth was drawn to UPH because of their holistic and Christ-centered mission to build up teenagers as faithful and committed servant leaders and dedicated, responsible citizens. Her deep passion and love for teenagers has always been an unmistakable and divine calling from God and after a series of divine appointments, she was led to UPH to continue growing the Youth Program as Youth Director.  She returned to DC in 2013 and to the public school system as a high energy Spanish teacher and is honored and blessed to continue to serve UPH as a Board member. She continues to seek out ways to connect her current school community with the youth in Copan Ruinas and build relationships across the miles...after all, she learned it well while fostering an international long distance relationship with her now husband Tim! She and her husband now lead a Young Life ministry at their high school and want more than anything for kids to know Jesus and passionately pursue Him.



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