Tour de Copan

This year we will have lots of exciting activities, but right now our focus is on the Tour de Copan.

As you might have heard in the news, the immigration crisis is a reality in Honduras that affects the youth in and around Copan. For the last two years, the instability in Honduras has led to the cancellation of Costa a Costa, a cycling event that was very enriching for our youth.

But this is an opportunity for UrbanTrekkers.

We pulled out all the stops this year and put together our very own cycling event. We even have a police escort and Red Cross volunteers accompanying us.

Our cycling event, scheduled for January 14-18, will be five days biking through the mountains of Copan, 162 kilometers in total. We will be camping, cooking, having devotional time and reflections, and learning about the roasting and exporting process for coffee, cacao, and cardamom.

Experiences like this are vital to teenage boys at the ages of 16-18, and your donation could help immensely. Just $8 covers one night camping for one cyclist, and a gift of $190 covers all costs of the entire trip of one teenager.

Seven of the eight boys going on the trip are from the community of Nueva Esperanza, where they participated in UPH's Camp Hope. Because they haven't been involved with UPH since they were boys, we are praying that this will be a chance for them to connect with their faith and our organization once more. This cycling event will be a great retreat for these youth at the beginning of the year, where they will have the opportunity to talk about sensitive and important subjects like identity, faith, and hope.