It Costs Nothing to Dream

When we sleep we dream thousands of things. We make up stories of incredible, or even terrifying adventures. When these stories are nice we want to stay there and never wake up; but when they are not so lovely, we want the dream to end, and when we wake up we say, “Good thing it was only a dream.”

Dreams are not something we plan, but something we live through while we are sleeping; but we also dream when we’re awake. This type of dream is something we do plan because we are inspired by other people or wonderful things that draw our attention.

When we are kids, we dream about having the best toy or of being professionals when we grow up–lawyers, policemen, doctors, etc. There are people who, with God’s help, fulfill these dreams when they grow up and others who change their way of thinking, but this depends on each person, their dreams, and their relationship with God.


In camp there is a boy who has lots of dreams and strives to improve his behavior and please God more every day. He doesn’t have his parents in his life, but he inspires me a lot. His name is Elmer David Pérez.

When Elmer started in camp, he disrespected the other kids, he was aggressive, he ignored our hugs, he disobeyed us regularly, and he didn’t know the letters of the alphabet. At first it was a big challenge, but it’s been three months of working with him, and we now see a transformed boy. When he makes a mistake he asks for forgiveness, and now he doesn’t leave camp without a hug from every leader. He does his homework, and we see a smile on his face when we affirm him. It has been a challenge, but it has been worth it. With Elmer, what three months ago was only a dream has now become reality.

Lucinda Ardon - Camp Vida Assistant Director

Blair Quinius