Serving with Love

To serve means to do a favor or voluntarily lend a service to one or more people. In other words, to serve is to help. But service becomes even more meaningful when it is done with love.

God has called us to serve, but he also invites us to do so from the heart, not as an obligation and not for vanity. Each person can serve according to his own strengths. I like to serve in every way I can.

My strength is especially serving the kids and their families, because I identify with them and I feel satisfied for being able to serve them.

In UrbanPromise Honduras I have learned that it is not necessary to have a lot to give. I have come to understand that just by giving a little bit or love and friendship we can earn the same for ourselves. In this way we can also please God, because this is what he wants from us. We should understand that it doesn’t matter what is done, but if it is done with love it is excellent.

Being with the camp children’s families fills me with joy. However, I feel that I need to give more than what I have given so far. Many of these families need us. And if they need us, we ought to give something of ourselves.

Being in this ministry is wonderful. I have served before in other contexts, but serving here is different. Here I have found myself. I might have shown solidarity before, but here I have discovered the true meaning of solidarity. This is possible thank to the interaction we have among everyone involved in the ministry.

I have also discovered that I have talents that were hidden in me, which I must strengthen to be able to work with more love and serve well those who need it.

One of the words that describes my feeling about kids is love. I have learned to serve with love, but the ones who have taught me to give everything is from them. They are the ones who have taught me to love everyone, no matter their condition or where they come from.

It is a love that is impossible not to give, since every day they extend their arms to give so much affection for us. I love to duplicate what they give me. I want the kids to feel my appreciation for and dedication to them.

Duplicating love and service is an individual task; each person offers what is in his heart.

Jesús Armando Martinez - Camp Agape Assistant Director

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