Blair quinius

UPH Founder & Director for Latin American Ministries

In 2007 Blair came to Honduras for what he thought would be just one year. God had different plans and Blair was eager to take him up on the adventure. Blair and a small team founded UrbanPromise Honduras (UPH) and in 2011 he managed to convince his soon-to-be wife, Lauren, to pack up and join him. UPH leadership had the goal of establishing the ministry, and empowering local leaders to one day take the reins and do even greater things for the community. With great joy that vision is becoming reality! Blair and Lauren transitioned back to the United States at the end of 2014, and now live in Nashville. Blair now serves in a development role to further the mission in Honduras. He will also be providing leadership support to new UrbanPromise start-ups in Latin America and the Caribbean.

hugh stacey

executive director

Hugh first became acquainted with UrbanPromise Honduras when he volunteered in UrbanPromise Camden, New Jersey in 2008. He loves working with children, and for a while had been trying to figure out how best to continue in this line of work whilst following his call to Latin America. He graduated from the University of St. Andrews with a Bachelor’s in French, and from there found a way, through UrbanPromise Camden, to come to Honduras. In the summer of 2012 he directed one of the summer camp programs at UPH, then transitioned into a new position working in Communications. At the end of 2014 Hugh assumed leadership of UPH as Executive Director. His hobbies include performing magic tricks, playing guitar, and break dancing. He also has a bit of a sweet tooth and loves smoothies.

silvia alvares


Since she was little, Silvia has been involved in different activities in her community: first in the Children's Council of Copán Ruinas, and later in Copán Limpia, an environmental awareness project in local schools. En her youth she formed part of the board of directors for the public library for two years and was involved in the Sunday school ministry in her church for two years. When she was 18, she received a scholarship from USAID to study small business development for two years in Binghamton, New York. When she returned to Copán, she worked in the hotel business for four years. She heard of UPH because of Luis Ortiz, whom she had worked with in a hotel, and who told her the ministry was looking to hire an administrator. She knew it was a great opportunity to develop herself professionally, but even more importantly to improve her spiritual life. Silvia is happy to form part of the UPH family, where she learns more each day about God's love and love for our neighbors. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and reading. Silvia has a little girl named Amaia Isabella, who brings joy to her life and has taught her a lot.